More Music Management is an artist management company that provides additional management services ie: accounting, tax and consulting  to musicians & bands.

Artist Management

Day to day artist management and artists business management services.

Loan Proposals

Credit application, reporting/control and cashflow projections


Further exploitation of music royalties for usage in films, TV commercials, etc. – includes sync licensing

Tour Accounting

Tracking CD/merchandise inventory, reconciling tour profit/loss, spreadsheets

Business & Marketing Plans

Comprehensive, targeted and progressive plans that become the foundation for your business objectives

Additional Services

Brand Consulting, Digital Strategy, Corporate Structuring and Financial Modelling

Your Needs, Our Approach

With expertise derived from the acquisition, administration and management of funds in various industries, More Music Management provides guidance to help you maximize your potential for success. We help clients make informed buying decisions by leveraging industry best practices with progressive, thorough and sustainable strategies.

In addition:

  • We research the current market landscape
  • We assess your brand and create an action plan for each short-list grant presented;
  • We act as a business development agent to all grant supervisors and labour used per project;
  • We formally track and prepare all grant/accounting documents for transparent entry into corporations books;
  • We follow-up all grant completion materials required to ensure a smooth and successful final grant collection;
  • Upon request, we produce a comprehensive strategic Business Plan which may include a Marketing Plan and associated Financials, among other components.  

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